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When asking yourself, "Who is the best vet for me?", you have definitely come to the right place!

• Meet your veterinarian online!
• Find a local veterinarian you feel connected to before the appointment
• Read and leave Reviews
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• Tour veterinary practices
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About Best Vet For Me

BestVetForMe.com has developed the most innovative and interactive website for the community, and the veterinarians who are improving healthcare for pets in the area. The new website is the first and only online service that will connect pet owners with the Best Veterinarian for their specific needs by actually letting pet owners MEET their Veterinarian online before making an appointment! Watch exclusive high-definition video interviews, tour the practice, view staff and office photos, read patient reviews, and so much more! Let's take the "guesswork" out of finding a veterinarian!

We know you love your pets!
BestVetForMe.com wants to make it easier for pet owners to make a connection with a group of caring and respected Veterinarians, and feel like they have met their Veterinarian before their visit, just as if your friend said "you should visit my veterinarian, he/she is great". A list and a picture or two is just not good enough when you want to find a vet.  BestVetForMe.com wants to give pet owners the confidence and peace of mind they need when they locate a vet, and of course the best Veterinarian for their pet's needs. The Veterinarians, pet hospitals, pet clinics, and emergency pet hospitals, in our program have compassion and are operated by local vets, and really care about their patients, their owners(you), and the community in which they practice.BestVetForMe.com makes finding a veterinarian a fun and positive experience.

Veterinarians…Introduce yourself to the community!
We have created this platform exclusively for you(veterinarians) to showcase your uniqueness and your practice to pet owners in the community. In 2015, it is estimated that 65% of all U.S. households own pets( Statista 2015). This number is growing every year! BestVetForMe.com will introduce you to these pet owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we believe there is no one better to explain who you are…than YOU!This is old school "word of mouth" amplified!
Our ultimate mission, which is driven by a strong passion, is to exclusively help your veterinary practice gain positive community exposure, and at the same time, grow your practice with long term, loyal patients that choose YOU because of who YOU are, and not just because you are offering a discount, or that you are listed in a directory or vet locator listing.

Who are We?
We are a very small group of digital marketing and media experts who have a true love for animals. BestVetForMe.com sprouted organically. We have found through searching for a veterinarian for our own animals,and then researching thousands of pet owners, that the best platforms to find a vet are outdated, and not giving pet owners the information they want and seek. We asked ourselves why human doctors, surgeons, and dentists have the best platforms for exposure?BestVetForMe.com has decided to bridge this gap and bring the latest in HD Video, web optimization, TV, online reviews, and more to the community and the veterinarians helping pets in the community in a fun and exciting way!

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